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q - Text as Data

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Behind the Scenes




This is a tutorial for beginners. If you're familiar with the concept and just wanna see some full fledged examples, take a look at the examples page.

Tutorial steps:

A simple example

We'll start with a simple example and work from there. The file exampledatafile contains the output of an ls -l command, a list of files in some directory. In this example we'll do some calculations on this file list.

A more complicated example, showing time manipulation

Let's assume that we have a file with a timestamp as its first column. We'll show how it's possible to get the number of rows per full minute:

q "SELECT DATETIME(ROUND(c1/60000)*60000/1000,'unixepoch','-05:00') as min, COUNT(1) FROM datafile*.gz GROUP BY min"

There are several things to notice here: